Casey Affleck settled out of court with the two women who claimed he sexually harassed them on the set of I’m Still Here. They were originally each trying to get about $2 million out of him. The terms of the deal have not been made public but the matter is now resolved without having to get nasty in court.

Is it a payoff?

I honestly can’t decide. Lawsuits can get pretty messy and expensive, and sometimes celebrities are advised that it’s really not worth it to drag sh-t out in public and pay for the lawyers for something that some people will never change their minds about anyway. So that’s what he’ll say he decided.

The truth?

We’ll probably never know for sure. But there are certain signs to look out for. Like a six month delay before a separation announcement, like we’d be that stupid. Now we wait and see if Summer Phoenix stays.

As for the film, the reception isn’t great. Those who do like it do so rather apathetically, and those who hate it hate it with hardness. Of course Joaquin Phoenix has confirmed he’ll be back on Letterman to promote it. I don’t want to watch on principle. Because these two f-ckers are too much.

You know how many times they f-cked around with coming to TIFF? Tickets were booked, cancelled, booked, and cancelled again. It comes down to manners. They’re rude. Over and over again, they’re rude.

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