He’s being sued by a former producer on his Joaquin Phoenix documentary I’m Not Here. Amanda White says she was sexually harassed by Joaquin’s bff and brother-in-law, claiming she was fired for not f-cking him. According to White, she was terminated when she rejected Casey’s demand that they start sleeping together. She also says that Casey was aggressive with her and that he and Joaquin locked her out of her room while they were tag teaming some other broads. White adds that Casey would walk around the set boasting about his conquests and calling women “cows”. And he judged her for not having babies yet.

Casey has categorically denied the allegations through his legal team and, they say, plans to countersue.

You know normally I’m never on Team Celebrity, especially in cases where the woman appears to be powerless. But this is less about him than it is about Joaquin Phoenix. Casey is married to Joaquin’s sister. Joaquin is famously guarded about his family, fiercely protective. They are all very close, all were present for the birth of Rio, son of sister Liberty, named of course after his brother. Joaquin supposedly cut the umbilical cord. That’s as tight as it gets.


Would Joaquin be down with his sister’s husband’s infidelity? And participate? He’s crazy in many different ways. Seriously f-cked up. But I can’t see him being f-cked up in that way. To engage in betraying his own sister. Then again, it’s also very possible that this entire episode is part of their giant hoax for I’m Not Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix during which Joaquin tries to be a rapper, supposedly gets cranked up on cocaine and sucks off a publicist, and let’s some dude SH-T ON HIM while he’s sleeping. Yes. Word is there’s a scene in which one of his rivals sneaks up on his while he’s sleeping and moves his bowels.

I’m Not Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix
opens on September 10. Photos attached from when they were shooting the doc in 2009.

Photos from Wenn.com