At the PETA Gala on Saturday night – Joaquin Phoenix showed up clean-shaven and lean, like Johnny Cash lean, hand in hand with his sister Rain, all smiles and even, almost, jovial with photographers. Photo Assumption says someone is actually trying (hard) to be liked again and, while we’re at it, to convince people he’s not f-cked up. Ultimately, as I always say, they are all narcissistic and vain, even the ones who claim to be outside of it. Ultimately, Joaquin Phoenix wants to be loved, needs to be loved. And in the end he’s actually not crazier than anyone else. Don’t make excuses for his asshole.

And then there’s his brother-in-law Casey Affleck, married to Summer Phoenix, having just settled out of court with two women who claimed he sexually harassed them. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but well, I am photo assuming the terms of the settlement all over Summer’s face.

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