Entourage the final season premieres this weekend on Sunday on HBO Canada and HBO at 10:30pm. I’ve not enjoyed the show for maybe two or three seasons now. It lost its bite. Towards the end of last season though, as Vince began to spiral, when the writers knew they were heading to a conclusion, things started to tighten up a little.

Jacek and I watched the first three episodes the other day. It starts slow. And you think, sh-t, have they gone back to more of the same? But then... with Ari’s marriage in serious jeopardy (this is not a spoiler, they give it away in the trailer) and the boys all trying to sort themselves out, including Vince with some suspect contacts, and the introduction of Andrew Dice Clay, whose chemistry with Johnny Drama is hilarious, there is indeed some hope. We were both pissed when episode 3 ends on a cliffhanger. Always a good thing when they leave you wanting more, and you do actually want more. Besides, if you’ve been following Entourage all along, I mean it would be hard not to want to see the conclusion.

Am also including photos of executive producer Mark Wahlberg with wife Rhea Durham mostly because I enjoy looking at pictures of her trying to hide the fact that she hates everyone.

PS. Turtle got really skinny!

Photos from Wenn.com