I watched the Madonna Glee episode last Sunday before leaving for Barbados. On Twitter I noted that it was fun, the music, remembering the songs... and that’s it. Many of you emailed asking about my thoughts, why I never blogged about the episode afterwards. Well... what’s there to say?

Michelle perhaps said it best when she emailed Duana and me last night after catching up on Glee and wrote: “I’m afraid I’m falling out of love with it”. Duana replied in agreement because “there’s no story anymore”.


They just sing at each other. And look really great doing it. But when you break it down, really, it’s just one long music video with Sue Sylvester occasionally flinging a zinger. And the Will Schuester hair jokes, they’re old and tired, and at this rate, it’s just another way of watching American Idol. I don’t care if there’s a Madonna marathon every f-cking week, if they’re not advancing anything, if I’m not asked to care about anything, if there’s no investment in anything beyond who gets a solo, what’s stopping me from listening to the original versions of every song and saving an hour of tv time in the process?

It was excusable the first episode after that long break to ease us back in. By the 2nd episode, we should have been a lot further along. Now it’s a sprint to the end of the season with the same sh-t over and over again and if tonight brings more of the same, well, Glee is quickly becoming a PVR for now, watch in a few days whenever I have time kind of show as opposed to what it used to be which was watch right away, can’t wait, do it immediately.

Every show goes through a slump. Some never recover from their slumps. Hopefully Glee’s is temporary. Hopefully they can get the Good back.

Photos attached of most of the cast at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences “An Evening with Glee” last night in LA. As usual, Lea Michele is about to pop her jaw off with her posehard Try.

Photos from Wenn.com