When I go out with my friends, say Duana and I are in LA or whatever and we’re heading out for dinner, followed by some party, normally since we stay together, we get dressed together as in we choose clothes that match in terms of occasion. Usually it’s her matching me, because I’m always in jeans (she doesn’t understand how a person can own so many pairs of jeans but jeans are like an addiction for me), but the point is, I’m never going to be in jeans while she’s in some kind of ball gown. Conversely, I’m not going out in a cocktail dress if she’s kickin’ it in Frye boots under a cute summer dress – you get the idea.

It’s like this for most of my girlfriends, except for the ones, and maybe we all have a friend like this, who deliberately dress for the anti-occasion, and in that case you can’t do anything about that anyway.

But, on the rare occasion when somehow the messages aren’t relayed properly, and the clothing coordination isn’t in sync, do you prefer being UNDERdressed for something, or OVERdressed for it?

Me I mean I guess it depends, but I think in general I’d prefer being UNDERdressed. Duana would probably say OVERdressed.

These were my thoughts as I looked through photos yesterday of the cast of Glee at the Academy screening yesterday. As you can see, Dianna Agron was rather plainly attired in what looks like a sweater wrap dress, Cory Monteith walked out of an Abercrombie & Fitch ad, Morrison didn’t put on anything special, nor did Jane Lynch, but Lea Michele, of course, well, see for yourself.

You wouldn’t think they were all at the same event, right?

Still, whatever, I LOVE what Lea is wearing. Maybe not the shoes. But the dress, this dress I love it so much. It’s Versace. Maybe errrm more appropriate for a premiere, or something slightly more formal, but you know, it’s a group situation, and Lea, Lea doesn’t belong in the chorus.

Photos from Jason Merritt/Gettyimages.com