I wrote a while back that some things you keep to yourself. Especially the things you love the most. I did this with KoL and True Blood and a few others I’m not ready to share.

But then the sh-ts started taking over.

Famewhore twats and airheads on scripted Hollywood Hills reality shows, losers with too many babies turned into cover subjects, people keep watching dancing D-Listers, and critically acclaimed, wonderfully written, brilliantly creative projects faced cancellation because 1. People suck and 2. People are dumb.

Glee could suffer the same fate.

So we need to pimp Glee.

The show premiered in May – a strange strategy – and picks up tonight on Fox.


You must watch. If you only need one reason:

Jane Lynch.

Attached – the cast of Glee last night at the premiere.

Photos from Wenn.com