Cast of Gossip Girl shooting scenes from the new season in Port Washington New York yesterday – SPOILER ALERT. Looks like Blair goes for a bike ride with a new bland boy. Looks like Chuck comes around to stir things up? Hope Chuck and Blair don’t happen for a long, long time. Like until the end of the series. Some things are worth waiting for.

As for Ed Westwick…once again, a perfect shamef&ck example. Hot and smarmy but the turned out feet!!! The turned out feet are revolting!!! Like – ew, you’re disgusting, stop touching me with your turned out feet and get the f&ck out of my bed.

Hate turned out feet. Turned out feet on a man… to me it’s as sick as toe jam.

Ed Westwick and his turned out feet: I’d have sex with him…but I’d never tell.

Also attached – Chace Crawford and Blake Lively. Meh.

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