I'm not done nagging you to watch Misfits. The dvds are available. The episodes are on YouTube. You have no excuse to deprive yourself of one of the most kick ass tv experiences in recent memory. Trust me. The converted have been emailing me consistently about it. There's euphoria. And then there's distress. But we have to wait for a new season, goddamn it!

And also...

Robert Sheehan (Nathan) seems to be missing from the cast's last two public events. He's busy shooting movies and building a solo career...

Would it be the same without Nathan???

Let's not stress about it now.

Here are Antonia Thomas, Lauren Socha, Iwan Rheon , and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, sooo cute with his glasses at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards last night.

Now. Watch. And get obsessed.

Photos from Ian Gavan/Gettyimages.com