Have you seen Moonlight yet? Moonlight is challenging La La Land for Best Picture. It’s an underdog though, especially since La La Land just took the Directors Guild and the Producers Guild award before that. There is, however, some backlash about La La Land. I liked La La Land. I liked it very much. I liked it though because I saw it as a dream-killer, the Sophie’s Choice of dreams. And – spoiler! – love is the dream that has to die. Die love! Work > Love!

Probably not the popular interpretation of the film.

As much as I enjoyed La La Land though, it’s Moonlight that, to me, is the one that hits all the spots. On story, on acting (the way the three actors playing Chiron managed to thread together their performances is extraordinary), on mood, on message, Moonlight is an exceptional film. And if you haven’t already, go see it before the Oscars – for research! So that you can fill out your ballot! Our annual Oscar prediction contest will run soon. I just want you to be ready.

Here’s the Moonlight team at the Nominees Luncheon yesterday, including Tarell McCraney who co-adapted his play, In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue, with Barry Jenkins and is nominated for a writing Oscar. The Guardian published a wonderful profile on Tarell this weekend about how his childhood in Miami informed the film and the parts of his life he had to work through in order to give us Chiron. Now he’s posing in the Oscar class photo of 2017.

You know what I said about what you wear for the Oscar class photo in the previous post about Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling? Whether to stand out or to not stand out? Can you find Tarell?

He’s at the top, right in the middle, with his hands up, making sure he’s seen, making sure you can see him, making sure his presence is accounted for, making sure this honour, that he earned, doesn’t go unnoticed.