SJP and co left the States just in time to escape critical evisceration of their movie and the uncomfortable reality of a tepid box office. As noted in today’s open, Sex & the City 2 is one of the worst reviewed movies of the year. But not for the Hello Kitties. My people, we Asians, we are major consumers of designer goods, perhaps part of the reason why luxury is no longer luxury.

My friend Lorella passed a book to me last year called Deluxe: how luxury lost its lustre by Dana Thomas, a great read about the New Luxury, the antithesis of the Old Luxury. And why. And who’s to blame. It’s not all on the Hello Kitty Nation and people like my mother; a large part of it is actually at the hands of the fashion conglomerate trading standard for supply, though sure, much of that supply is undeniably driven by the Asian market.

So the ladies of SATC2 were in Tokyo today, cranking up the dress porn, hoping to make up an unspectacular domestic take with a very strong international box office. As always, Sarah Jessica Parker had the best dress. It’s exquisite.

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