The Sons of Anarchy Season 4 premiere happened last night in Hollywood. As I’ve been saying, seemingly on repeat, the new season begins next Tuesday on F/X. You ready?

Not surprisingly, because he’s having his picture taken, Charlie Hunnam looks like sh-t. So I get it. I get it for those of you who don’t watch Sons of Anarchy, or who’ve never watched his work, why you might be cocking your eye at me like I’m a crazy bitch for insisting he’s hot. But he is HOT. He just photographs really, really poorly.

On this occasion though, it wasn’t just him.

Look at Tara! Goddamn that is bad. (I will refer to them in character, hope you don’t mind.) Terrible, right? I don’t understand. And why is Katy Sagal so washed out?

And WHY was Ima allowed to come? Just in case you thought that girl was only skank on the show…

Like, I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but her style, it’s a little too close to what she’s playing, non? Lyla too. Only a little cleaner which, again, is like a mirror to the story. Is THAT what’s happening here?

Kinda digging Opie’s wild hair situation. Just me?

I would totally be Chibs’s girlfriend. Obviously Ron Perlman is a boss. Kim Coates right behind him though sometimes I wonder about the whitewashing of Tig. And there’s the chronic masturbator who, I guess, is hanging around the clubhouse now since they’re all back in Charming. Danny Trejo guest stars. And you wonder why it took so long. SAMCRO is back! You excited?

Photos from and Frazer Harrison/