Sarah’s article yesterday on zombies led to a rather insightful conversation about them during the liveblog yesterday. You all apparently love zombies. And many of you love The Walking Dead which premiered to over 5 million viewers on AMC on Sunday, a very strong record-setting debut. So they’re shipping their talent overseas already, eager to capitalise quickly on the foreign market.

Attached: Andrew Lincoln, Laurie Holden, and Robert Kirman in Madrid today promoting the show. After only ONE episode in the USA. That’s a network on a quick hustle, non?

And yes, as I clarified with Sarah yesterday, that’s Mark from Love Actually looking really, really great. I noted on November 1st that it’s officially the time of year to start watching Love Actually over and over again. I’m on the road until mid month, I can’t get to it til then. But you can. Remember this? Also what is it about Love Actually videos on YouTube that make them unembeddable???

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