It does have that intergalactic warrior girl feel about it, right? I love that she adds a regal element to everything she wears. Consider this dress on Rooney Mara and it would be something else entirely. But you’re right to say that this Givenchy doesn’t photograph well from certain angles. At the same time, Cate Blanchett not photographing well is another’s best day ever. Somehow, when it’s not flattering, it’s still not that bad, if bad at all.

About the shoes though – I wonder if they’re not built for regret.  A year ago, they would have been tacky. Then Paris sent them down the runway and they’ll be UNtacky for a season, maybe two. A thousand dollars later and you have to pack them away for, oh, maybe 5, maybe 10 years, until someone decides they’re ok again, temporarily. For me it always depends on the cost per wear. I bought a pair of Dries Van Noten  brogues in September that were pretty expensive. But I’ve worn them at least 4 times a week since so that the CPW is now under $10 a wear. (PS it really, really, REALLY helps to TOPY all your high end shoes. They’ll last three times longer. I’ve been evangelising about this all year.) These Givenchys aren’t meant to be a daily go-to shoe, you know? Like, that’s a really high CPW, probably over $250 and that’s only if you wear it 4 times which, for some, and considering this style, is a lot.