Have exhausted all the ways to describe the Gala’s co-chair Cate Blanchett but every time, she never ceases to impress. The images may not paint an adequate picture but I promise, this dress up close was a masterpiece. Every strand, every strand of that fringe was like a rope with its own history… as though preserved from an ancient rug and painstakingly cut away to fashion what was fit for a Queen. Golden Cate beginning her Oscar run early – and don’t think for a second the colour choice wasn’t strategic.

As for the rest – well, per usual, the rest was perfection. Green earrings to compliment the gold dress, hair a combination of regal and rock, to say nothing of how she moves. A lazy elegance, almost aloof, not rushed nor slow, not particularly interested but not entirely ambivalent either. And no press, no talking, just a coy smile before heading inside.


I worship. Cate for all time.