None of them…really… non?

Hated Julia Roberts’s SAG pink pantsuit. Hated the side ruching, hated the colour, hate the fact that it belongs on a reality show second wife and not a Movie Star.

Not crazy about Sandra Bullock’s Lanvin either. (And can Giuliana Rancic please learn how to pronounce is properly? It’s not LON-VONN.) Something about the texture of the green. Something about the bow on the hip. Something about those tacky shoes. Nothing about it worked.

And, most disappointingly, our Cate Blanchett. Pink, sequins, Givenchy…napkin? I’d be more inclined if it were green or black or anything BUT the colour of a newborn onesie or the wedding colour of a ringlet-haired bride. This is not good enough for her.

So thanks God for her attitude. She practically scolded the E! camera during her interview with Rancic, and then she scolded the SAGs for tolerating Matthew McConaughey’s spacey, indulgent acceptance but rushing hers. This is not a warm one either. And she never, ever tries to be.