Costume for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button co-starring Cate Blanchett currently shooting in New Orleans. An exclusive from my sources, as I told you 2 weeks ago, The Chosen Family is rumoured to have purchased a home in the Garden District and have been able to roam around town surprisingly undisturbed. Still no word on whether or not they’ve decided to spend the holidays in the Caribbean. You’ll recall that requests were made to 4 tropical destinations for accommodations servicing nannies and bodyguards – will keep you posted. In the meantime, here are some photos sent to me by the lovely J, taken from a civilian camera during Brad’s trip to the Ganges a few weeks ago. Tourists in Varanasi were on a boat when they spotted him with an Indian man, both paddling a boat up the river, each one with an oar, and another man had a camera, shooting them rowing. The fans couldn’t help themselves and started shouting, prompting Brad to stop and change positions, sitting with his back to the group until out of view. A documentary in the works, perhaps? I’ve no idea but I do like the idea of a sweaty Brad stroking along in a boat, soaking in the surroundings. Total loin quiveration. Source