Minnie Driver at the Opening Ceremony last night – this photo taken from the Daily Mail, same publication that printed the so-called anorexic picture of Cate Blanchett last week. And as in the case with Case, had I not seen Minnie myself, I would be alarmed yes by the size of her waist.

But believe it or not, up to you, in person she’s actually nowhere near starvation. Don’t get me wrong – Minnie Driver is fit. But she’s fit healthy. Like nicely cut arms, a very normal sized torso and waist, and the woman has an ass. A very juicy ass. I know this because she was standing on the steps leading up to the Palais and Dylan grunted. And Dylan is an ass man.

Minnie is also much lovelier in person. Not so many angles in her face, softer, almost vulnerable. I found I couldn’t stop looking at her. And she was sweet to everyone – firm handshakes, genuine smiles, surprised almost that people knew who she was. Kind of surprised me.