Speaking of my Gwynnie, The Sun is also making a big deal about her supposed new diet, as recommended by one Dr. Joshi - same dude who hooked her up with the macribiotic diet in the first place, who has also treated Cate Blanchett and Kate Moss in the past. The rag is calling it an "extreme" attempt to lose the baby weight, citing that "Gwyn is BANNED from wheat, dairy products, sugar, gluten, booze and red meat. She is allowed turkey, chicken and white fish but NO swordfish. Veg is OK but she can have NO tomatoes, peppers or other fruits, except for bananas.": Unappetising, maybe. Boring, definitely. Not my cup o" culinary consomme, that"s for sure … but extreme? Bit of an exaggeration don"t you think? And no, I"m not defending her. But to call this extreme is to be completely oblivious to what I call Lotus Living, all the rage on the North America West Coast, particularly where I live: Vancouver, British Columbia - tree hugger heaven, where people walk around bashing gluten and dairy and everything UNorganic and can"t make a move without reading their tea leaves and consulting with their homeopathic specialists or their yoga instructors. All natural, raw food, nonprocessed - this is the gospel in LotusLand, Canada and I suspect it"s more of the same in Los Angeles. Some call it pure, others call it pretentious, most agree it"s healthy and very few would say extreme. As for going to great lenghts to get skinny - well, she didn"t look all that skinny a few days ago during Paris Fashion Week. In fact, she looked like she has for a while: tall and towering over Kim Cattrall, normal sized and fresh faced and probably a little frumpy in that dress. The boots though…the boots save it all, non? Photo source