At the Armani Prive show in Paris, Mr Armani showing off his range of clientele – from the pathetic Elsa Pataky, no longer dating Adrien Brody and therefore no longer posing au cheese at his faux castle, and the trash ass of Megan Fox who cannot keep her mouth closed, to the incomparable Cate Blanchett, a longtime fan and friend of the designer, who must be a loyal bitch to agree to suffer in the front row seated next to cheapness.

I LOVE this photo.

Side by side, the perfect picture of people sucking. Because on the right, there’s one of the great actors of our time, and her films don’t sell at the box office, and on the left, there’s Fox, who has only made 2 movies, and whose box office easily dwarfs Cate’s.

It’s an I Hate People Day.

But look at Cate’s expression. She can smell it. And it stanks.

Photos from KCSPresse/