I’m not saying it sucks. I’m not saying it’s Paula Patton. But by Cate Blanchett standards, I am underwhelmed. It’s fitted black with a high collar and another f-cking feathered skirt. And it’s McQueen. It has to be the tamest, most restrained McQueen in the collection. Check back on Florence Welch for comparison here. Cate’s dress isn’t much of a conversation, is it? You won’t be talking about it next week, in 6 months, next year.

But I don’t put this on Sarah Burton. I think this is about Cate. I’m not sure Cate was feeling it last night. I’m not sure she requested anything more than simple black (as simple as black comes in McQueen) from the McQueen collection. And still, with Cate though, it’s about choice. She’s making the call. Some of them they try and try and try and they’ll never reach Blanchett on a mediocre day. Let someone else wear it for a change, she’d say. I don’t need it all the time.