I’ve had my eye on the white pump on SJP. Now Cate Blanchett too. SJP works hers with different colours though. Cate’s are probably more palatable for most since the dress is white too. And exquisite. In a pattern that’s also quite similar to what SJP wore the other day at the Snowflake Ball – click here to see. Same designer, Louis Vuitton. And, hey!, white pumps too!

You know what I love (so many things) about Cate Blanchett though? It’s that she never seems too precious about what she’s wearing. I mean, SJP, she’s showcased in some amazing pieces, totally, but you know that she knows she’s wearing an amazing piece. For Cate it’s always the same confidence, without the air of arrogance, whether she’s in couture or in a pair of jeans.