Can’t wait.

Cate Blanchett arrived in Cannes today with her son Ignatius. Cate is at the festival of course for Robin Hood and the opening night gala on Wednesday with Russell Crowe ahead of its world release on Friday. It’s a battle between Robin Hood and Iron Man at the box office this weekend. And it’s an opportunity after a long, long spell to see Cate on a major carpet working her incomparable style.

She was nursing Ignatius when I interviewed her in Cannes 2 years ago. I had just broken my arm. I had just been released from the hospital and Laura found me a salon to have my hair washed because my elbow was in a sling and then sent me straight up to the Carleton for the junket. Cate asked me what happened and I told her and complained about my ugly accessory and then, in her breezy elegant way, she told me I should just tie a Louis Vuitton scarf around it and done.

Please. Of course it made my life. Of course I walked around all summer with an arm scarf, my signature accessory, only it was a McQueen in blue with pink skulls.

Cate seems to make it to Cannes every two years. In 2006 it was for Babel. Last time, in 2008, it was for Indiana Jones. Coincidentally her Indy co-star Shia LaBeouf is also back with Michael Douglas this time for Wall Street 2. They were putting him up at the Carleton today.

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