Can’t believe she gave birth 5 weeks ago. Crazy talk.

She was wearing a satin grey jumper with Balenciaga heels. Pink lips, little foundation, the most stunning creature you’ve ever seen. I told her I couldn’t believe she just had a baby 5 weeks ago. Then she grabbed her breasts and said “well these weren’t here before!” and threw back her head and laughed like the Queen.

I think I must have wet myself.

Ignatius was in the next room with C’s mom. Once in a while she’d pop in to see them. Everyone remarked that Cate is the classiest ever. She never has a low moment.

The interview consisted of me losing myself in her voice and wanting to curl up like a child wrapped around her shoes. Before long it was over and as I was getting up to leave she said she hoped I felt better and I replied that my ugly ass sling doesn’t make for the most stylish accessory to which she offered –

Oh just throw a Louis Vuitton scarf over it and it’ll be great.

A fashion tip from Cate Blanchett?

That’s all.

Photos from Wenn