Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy will probably end up on a lot of Worst Dressed lists. And those same people will probably put Kate Hudson on their Best Dressed. That’s not where I want to live. At the same time, Cate B is often my Best Dressed so she’s not getting it this year but that doesn’t mean I don’t admire this decision. Because it’s amazing. She’s walking through a disco curtain. She’s pretty much wearing a wig. Or Cher. Same thing. In the most high fashion, only-I-can-do-it-because-I’m-Cate Blanchett way.

You’re telling me this isn’t far superior to the overload of predictable sheer we keep getting? Or the f-cking cut-outs? Come on now. Don’t tell me too that you wouldn’t want to experience this against your arms, your legs, those strands brushing against your skin. Without having to worry about tucking sh-t in. How instantly the sensation would lift your mood, make you playful, make you want to twirl and strut and kick your leg out, just for the thrill of thousands of strands slipping and sliding all over your body. How often does a dress FEEL as good as it looks? We fighting?

And note too, like Rooney in the previous post, Cate was seated with Harvey Weinstein and did not have to wear Marchesa.