Have run out of adjectives to describe her amazingness. Cate Blanchett is better than everyone.

She was pink and regal during the day yesterday for the photo call and a few morning show interviews. I mean.. it’s just... the cape-ish shoulders and Jackie O vibe detail and her grace and her skin in person it’s so flawless and her features they’re so classic, how can you not drop down and ...well... curtsy?

This is what I wanted to do yesterday at the Carlton during the Robin Hood junket. We were in the corridor waiting to be called in and here comes Cate, sauntering down the hall, tall and elegant, in green jeans and a structured black blouse, barefoot and amazing, she was a vision, heels in her hand. Chicken Fried can do the gas stop bathroom with her shoes off, Cate Blanchett chooses the f-cking Carlton.

And then, and THEN she stopped a staffer at the desk and asked “Did you manage to find something to eat?” Because of course she had had a conversation with her earlier and remembered that the handler had been hungry. Even though she’d just been through 7 hours of press conferences and interviews with at least 40 different international outlets, Cate Blanchett asked after someone else. Please. Every journalist in that junket had a crush on her. She’s earned it.

As for the opening gala dress...

I can’t even talk about this without convulsing. Spectacular is an understatement. In person, it was extraordinary. And only her. This is Cate style. Not so much what she wears but understanding when to wear it. This was made for Cannes. Of course it was. Tacky on anyone else, totally fitted to the circumstance on her, worn for the biggest night, on the brightest star. That’s right Kate Beckinsale. Sit your ass DOWN.

Photos from Wenn.com and Karl Milan/Foto Jacopo/Splashnewsonline.com