Cate Blanchett stepped out in pink silk last night with black sleeves and hem at the AACTA Awards in Sydney. On anyone else… this would be a mess. Easily. Like on someone with sh-tty posture? And a lot less poise? It’s not my favourite Cate fashion moment. But I can appreciate that she can elevate a piece that on anyone else would look suuuuuuper cheap.

Have you missed her this award season? She was the lock of 2014 for Blue Jasmine. No one was going to challenge her. Like no one will be challenging Julianne Moore this year. So Cate took her second Oscar and then went home, as she does. Australia before Hollywood.

Not to return until …the Oscars?

It’s customary – some would say almost expected – for the previous winners to come back the following year as presenters. The Academy is likely still working on its full list of presenters but you have to think that Lupita, McConaughey, and Leto are already committed. And… hopefully…Cate too. The fashion porn alone will be worth it.