There have been some FUSSY emails today about botox or fillers or micro derma Sweet Potatoes and why we aren’t writing indictments of everyone suspected to use these things. I think 2003 has come and gone, you know? From what I understand, accusing most Hollywood performers of using these things is like accusing them of using deodorant. Correct, and also not anything to be lectured about. I read something this morning that said the doctors have figured out the way to let peoples’ faces still look like faces, and women still look like women and not little girls. (Lainey: it’s the lying about it, though, that makes me crazy.)

But it did get me thinking about something with regard to Cate Blanchett. She’s 46 years old, and she looks like a very beautiful 46 year old, but 46 nonetheless. She is wearing a dress that looked very seafoam-green on the red carpet and on the carpet broadcast, but straight-up blue in the not-that-excellent walk-and-talks.

This dress, this seafoam dress covered in these fantastical appliqués, is so young. I would put it on a tall 23 year old. Dakota Fanning could wear this dress, even. So how come Cate Blanchett doesn’t look like she’s mutton dressed as lamb? How does she look completely her age and also totally ageless? How is she working this magic?