Am crushing so hard I can’t even speak.

Cate Blanchett received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today and apparently this is not one of those cases when the star pays for her own star. This one was supposedly legitimately bestowed, so I hear. And if true, thank God. Because doing it the other way would really diminish her street cred.

But that wouldn’t be Cate. And Cate rarely, rarely disappoints. And she did not disappoint this afternoon.

Her style… it’s just… there’s no one else. No one else makes it work like Cate Blanchett. And beyond what she wears it’s the way she wears it.

So poised, so effortlessly elegant, there are never any bad angles. And best still, it never looks like she’s TRYING to avoid bad angles. She just is.

Have had the pleasure of seeing her three times on a red carpet – twice at the Oscars, once at the Costume Institute Gala. Cate is total grace. Even watching her standing, doing nothing but standing, is completely fascinating.

Granny Freeze… please.

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