We live in a world of sh-ttalking sh-ttalkers. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m actually not sure why you’re reading this on my sh-ttalking blog.

Almost anyone can find almost anything to sh-ttalk about any given person, especially celebrities. I have my favourites, you have your favourites, and between us, no one is sh-ttalk free with few exceptions. Exception: Cate Blanchett?

I mean, the most sh-ttalking you might do about Cate Blanchett is when you can’t get down with the high fashion-ness of some of her dresses, and even then it’s usually – omg, I normally love her style, this one isn’t for me, and you leave it at that.

Because Cate Blanchett is straight up awesome. That’s it.

Here she is in Australia, her home, where she is when she isn’t shooting or promoting, staying far away from the f-ckery of Hollywood and LA when she can, at an event yesterday to launch The OASIS: Homeless Short Film Competition at Oasis Youth Support Network in Sydney. It’s a national competition with $25K in prize money for secondary school students to raise awareness about homelessness. There are over 30,000 young people who are homeless in Australia and this project aims to address the rise of youth homelessness in the country.

And if you’re in Vancouver, and you would like to work with Covenant House, supporting at risk youth trying to build better lives, please click here to learn about how you can volunteer with us. Just 3 hours!

Back to Cate…

She can be seen in Hanna this weekend – junket interview below. The reviews are generally quite favourable. Are you going??? Look at this trailer. You’re totally going.

Photos from Wenn.com