Cate Blanchett’s date last night was her son Roman who brought a deck of cards with him to the event – a kid I could totally roll with. At one point, Cate took him over to meet Sandra Bullock. Was a pretty cute moment. She seemed overjoyed when Sir Ben Kingsley called out her name, more because it was an excuse to hug her oldest than it was for winning.

And in her winning speech, at the end there, I’m pretty sure she says that her kids don’t “give a sh-t” what she does for a living. Oh, that language, and in front of a child? God why couldn’t they have cut away to Julia Roberts’s judgy face at that moment? It’s fine, pearl-clutchers. It’s fine. And it’s Cate. We’re good.

The dress is Lanvin, and I love it. Well suited for the occasion in its length, very stylish without trying too hard, building to a bigger moment on Saturday night and bigger moments in the weeks to come. The dress is like her attitude towards the entire production – it’s appropriate, it’s respectful, she wants it, no doubt, but not so desperately that you’ll end up hating her by the end of the season.