Cate Blanchett is in Paris today for the Armani show. She is an ambassador for the brand and has long been one of the designer's favourites. Here she is earlier this week in New York. She'll be on Broadway for the first time in The Present - previews begin in December and the play was adapted by Cate's husband, Andrew Upton, from Chekhov's Platanov. And the cast includes members of the Sydney Theatre Company. Cate and Andrew were co-directors of the Sydney Theatre Company for a few years and this production of The Present was staged in Sydney first. The reason this is important is because, for Cate and Andrew, their work lives and their personal lives are merged.

A few days ago the Daily Mail published photos of Andrew in Sydney with actress Harriet Dyer at a bar. He has his arm around her in several shots, in several locations. Like they'd move around the place and the pictures suggest that every time they moved their arms would still be around one another. At the end of the night he walked her out and she was recognised by some fans. He put her in a cab and went off on his own. Click here to see.

These images though. I mean they're not humping or anything but, um, if it were my husband in these photos I would have some questions. Like, did you have to keep putting your arms around each other just to watch people play pool? And then, again, it's not enough to convict either.

If Cate is bothered, well, we wouldn't know either way. She certainly doesn't look it. And maybe there's no reason to be bothered to begin with. I'm thinking now of Saturday Night Live's Crucible After-Party sketch and theatre company dynamics, a troupe of travelling thespians, their relationships, their dramas, the tension, sexual, artistic, political, hierarchical, and I wonder, given that Cate and Andrew are so fully immersed in that world, what a theatre marriage looks like. And how unconventional it might be compared to a non-theatre marriage. I mean, she wouldn't be the first acclaimed legendary actress to have it that way.