The Brink Bar is in Liverpool. It’s an alcohol-free non-profit establishment in support of young people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Catherine of Cambridge, the royal patron, was there today on an official charity visit. They created a smoothie in her honour called “The Duchess”. She also received cards and flowers and a Valentine’s Day cupcake to keep her company as she’s spending it alone without Will who’s serving in the Falklands.

A LaineyGossip reader from Liverpool called Lauren K (hi Lauren!) was there and offered the following description:

“Just though I would send an email to say how lovely she was, she made sure to come and greet all of the crowd even though it was freezing, she also took Valentines gifts from the crowd and wished people a "Happy Valentines Day", she seemed really happy and friendly. She looked amazing, not too thin, just healthy!”

I’m also told that amid tight security for Kate’s trip, a flower delivery service was allowed through the rock block this morning. It was a gift from Prince William to his wife and they were rushing it to the venue before her arrival.

Kate chose a sensible brown coat from Hobbs for the occasion and, just like last week, she seemed relaxed and comfortable with her duties, clearly capable of performing them without a co-star. This was her first stop of the day. She’s due to make a second stop later at a children’s hospital.

I am so curious to know what would happen if just once she straight ironed her hair. Just once. I wonder though if this is one of those unwritten royal rules: don’t change your hair too much, if ever. It gives the people a sense of security and comfort, even if they don’t know it.