Prince Charles was supposed to attend the “In Kind Direct” charity event yesterday at Clarence House. He couldn’t make it however because he had to fly to Riyadh to pay his respects following the death of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Princess Catherine was waiting in the bullpen. (Are you people watching the World Series? It’s been a GREAT World Series. You’re missing some awesome drama and tension.) Charles sent his regrets but also explained that he had asked his “darling daughter-in-law” to step up in his stead.

Pretty sure they didn’t mind. If I was rolling up to a fundraiser and was expecting Charles but got Kate instead, I wouldn’t mind at all.

It was Kate’s first engagement on her own. Previously she’s always had someone else to shadow. Word is she did very, very well. Seemed comfortable and interested. Was a total natural. the hair. The UK press is saying she’s faking some of her hair.

I mean, I get it. Who doesn’t want more body in their hair? I get it.

But does she need it? I didn’t think she needed it. Now that I can see it though, well, maybe she does need it and we never knew all along. And this bites my ass. Because Catherine Cambridge is supposed to be better than Chicken Fried Spears. I can see Catherine’s extension tape the same way we’ve all seen Britney’s. Now I’ll never UN-see Catherine’s extension tape.

Are you yelling at me because not everyone has thick hair? Fine. But this is the WIFE OF FUTURE KING. You’d think she could find someone to better conceal it for her? Which...does this go back to the frugal issue again? Because I’m ok with her spending a little extra so that we never have to put her in a sentence again with Fried Chicken, you know?  

Maybe it’s just a trick of the light. Maybe that’s... I dunno... some kind of migraine headband, f-ck I’ll take it over extension tape. My Princess doesn’t wear extension tape!