I couldn’t come up with it in 140 words or less on Twitter in time but my point is -- did you have a reaction to the fact that Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda make more sense than Michael Douglas and Catherine-Zeta Jones…?

Many of you thought it was damage control that they showed up together just as rumours spread last week that they’re in trouble. Sure. But that doesn’t change the fact that this front is a front. And it’s a front because either it’s not true, or because they’re not ready yet. Two years ago, Will and Jada Smith were supposed to be breaking up and they too fronted. How long is a front still a front before it stops being a front?

Let’s talk instead about Zeta’s performance. Did she lipsynch? It sounded to me like it was lipsynch. That also seems to be the general consensus. And it was made more obvious by the fact that Jennifer Hudson followed her and threw down some serious greatness. Then the Les Miserables cast came out live too. Which made Zeta’s un-live even more obvious. So no wonder she went first.

Do we nail her then like we nailed Beyonce?

Is it fair?

Not many people can compare to Jennifer Hudson. And Les Miserables is an ensemble -- they could also rely on each other. Zeta was alone. And she’s already all anxious about age and being past her prime and all the other insecurities that come from not being 25 years old anymore in Hollywood. Can you blame her for not wanting to take that risk?

I don’t. But I do about the makeup. That is WAY too much makeup.

Tribute To The Musicals - C Zeta Jones... by IdolxMuzic