Some are calling it bad bronzer or poorly applied foundation. To me her skin looks raw. Like it’s been scrubbed. Has that Renee Zellweger quality about it, you know?

Either way, someone’s losing their job today. Whoever was assigned the unfortunate task of doing Zeta’s makeup will be fired. Because she’s waking up this morning realising her face was total ass last night at the 2008 Global Leadership Awards Gala in New York where she was accompanied by her husband but tempted by Ryan Lochte.


Any cougar in her position would be. And the comparison isn’t even close. There’s the geriatric Michael Douglas on one side and a strapping, hunk of an Olympian on another. No wonder her nipples seem tweaked in Lochte’s direction…which makes it extra, extra sh-tty about that Fail all over her face.

More photos of Lochte coming later. Hang on horndogs!

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