I haven’t seen CZJ out in a long while, and I know part of that was because she had some stuff to sort out, and I am delighted that she took the time to do so and that she looks as gorgeous as she ever did.   Because I am basically a navel gazer, when she came onscreen the first thing I said was “Hey it’s my wedding dress!”  It’s not exactly, but really close, and I was so focused on this doesn’t-matter detail that I missed the singing altogether.

It wasn’t great. I can’t know who advised that and thought “sure, that’s a way to go”. I suspect that it was actually meant to be a line that was read. As prose. And someone decided she’d take a run at it.

CZJ has a lot coming out this year, so perhaps this move was to get us reaccustomed to her face.  I’d say the face is one thing but the brain may not be the same one we knew.