Catherine Zeta-Jones is shooting a movie with Gerard Butler, Uma Thurman, and Jessica Biel in New Orleans. She hit up the New Orleans Jazz Festival with her mother, and also Jimmy Buffet’s wife Jane.

CZJ is “listed” at 41. If you didn’t know it was her, and you just looked at her phone, and the way she’s tricked it out, would you think she was 41? Or would you put her closer to 65, living in Florida, going to bingo? Or 61, Chinese, hitting up the casino even in a wheelchair?

This is what my ma did on Mother’s Day.

They gave her a day pass from the hospital. And my dad wheeled her around Niagara Falls to she could get her fix at the tables and the slots. If she saw Zeta’s phone, she’d be all over me to get her the same.

Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day.

Photos from Rick Diamond/