Well, not really. But for royals, I suppose how Catherine supported Prince William last night at the ARK gala is about as close to cheerleading as it gets. Besides, it’s an excuse to post more photos.

Have heard from a lucky reader who was fortunate to attend the event last night. Thanks A!

Her description is pretty amazing, I’ll let you read the details. Look out for Kate’s reaction after Will’s speech, when he returns to the table. It’s pretty cute. Also, whether or not she eats:

I was very fortunate to have attended the Ark Ball last night. The event is pretty crazy...more beautiful people in one place than should be legal! The highlight was, of course, Wills and Kate. I live in London. I was OBSESSED with the wedding. As a Canadian, I've never been much of a Royalist. But oh my. Seeing them in person, 5 feet away from me...it was almost too much to bear! Kate is stunning, there is no question - but my lord, she is unbelievably tiny. Like, it doesn't look good. But I had a perfect view of her during dinner, and I watched her like a hawk to see if she was eating, and she was! She ate everything that was put in front of her...I was impressed.

I was most surprised by Wills. I wasn't prepared for him to be as handsome as he was. In person, he is dashing and classy, and has this amazing presence. He was truly lovely.

The best part of the evening, and the one thing I think you'll love the most, was when Wills returned to his seat (note, they were sat opposite each other, not beside) after making his speech, and he could only look at her - and the look she gave him made me melt a little. She gave him the most encouraging, wide eyed smile, and while clapping for him tilted her head a little bit and gave him this nod of approval and mouthed something along the lines of "well done". It's the kind of moment you have only with someone you trust completely, and whose opinion is the only one that counts. I know it sounds insane, but in that one moment you could really see how they're totally in it all together - a really solid team. It was awesome. I hope that wasn't too cheesy!!!

Some other highlights were Tom Ford and Colin Firth sitting at the table huddled in conversation and then erupting into laughter like a couple of school kids. They were adorable. Colin's wife, who is gorgeous, took off very shortly after their arrival with Gemima Khan and someone Bailey...they never came back to the table which is why Tom and Colin were so chummy.

Please. You love it so much.

Two more weeks and they’ll be in Canada. OMG.

Photos from GF/Bauergriffinonline.com