Senior royals traditionally spend Christmas at Sandringham. Despite the worrying news that 90 year old Prince Philip was recovering from heart surgery, a crowd of thousands, the biggest it’s been in recent years, greeted Her Majesty’s Family on their walk to church on Sunday, Catherine’s first time. She chose plum for the occasion. And a pair of drop earrings that everyone is presuming to have been a Christmas gift from Prince William.

There were actually two visits to church that day. I prefer the images from the less formal trip, with Kate in a grey coat, walking with her husband and her royal cousins, and her hand affectionately on Will’s back, Diana’s ring prominently on display, clearly not in need of that boring ass sister of hers who was rumoured to be joining Kate at Sandringham to help her through the stress of the holiday. As if. I wonder if the Queen doesn’t look on Pippa the same way Anna Wintour looks on Victoria Beckham. Withholding, withholding, withholding.