It was called Hope For Haiti Now but he was the driving force behind much of the celebrity turnout with three rows of stars making up the most famous call centre on the planet raising more than $57 million for earthquake relief with some of the most moving, most emotional, most memorable performances we’ve seen in a long, long time.

For those of us who love gossip, and if you’re reading my blog I’m assuming you do, it’s the candid moments that intrigue us the most. Or moments we perceive to be candid. Which is why there should be a commercial camera at the Golden Globes so we can watch them mingling table to table, drunk and hungry, during the breaks.

They understand this, George understands this, so it wasn’t just the prospect of getting him on the phone that was tempting, it was also the shots of them socialising, hanging out, without handlers, observing the chemistry, trying to see who was sitting beside whom, who was talking to whom, whether or not Jen and Brad were reconciling in the bathroom (for the record, word is there was no contact though she did try to make him jealous with Spittle, I mean, please) that kept you riveted for two hours and, they hoped, generous with your donations.

The result is straight up cash money for much needed resources to be delivered to the victims. And some great photographs too.

I love the one with George and Daniel Craig laughing with Mel Gibson. Randoms. And a collection of some of the most epic bitchfaces putting away their bitchfaces for the night – Julia, Drew, and Reese. Pippy and Coop should hang out more together. Madonna sang live but sh-t her face is breaking my heart. And then there’s my poor friend LB, who is still weeping for the ugliness of a hirsute Robert Pattinson, as she adores him, and the juxtaposition during the telecast from Colin Farrell’s sexy beastness to Pattinson’s hairy mongrel truly almost broke her.

As of January 24th, the death toll in Haiti has surpassed 150,000. It’s a staggering number, and it keeps climbing. Please let’s keep giving. Whatever you can.

The performances from Hope For Haiti Now are available for purchase on iTunes, all proceeds going to Haiti. All videos are easily viewable online. I’ve chosen Shakira because I have loved this song forever and I never thought I’d approve of anyone but Chrissie singing it. But Shaki, she did a great, GREAT job.


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