Amy Schumer is making headlines for talking about her endometriosis surgery, acupuncture and liposuction, all things she said have helped her feel healthier and good. In late December, I saw a post in which she talked about dissolving her fillers but it’s since been removed (there are details on it from her doctor here). Basically she tried fillers in her cheeks and she didn’t like the way she looked and was able to reverse it. Although it’s different for everyone, this is exactly the kind of honest feedback I want about these types of procedures. What works, what is too extreme, what happens if you don’t like the results? I’m not afraid of the injection (I currently do PRP microneedling and a bit of Botox) and I’ve had a consultation for fillers on my neck (specifically, necklace lines). I’m still unsure, which I think means it’s not time.  


I accidentally watched an episode of Euphoria and while I didn’t get all the nuances, I follow a lot of people on Twitter who are very into it, so I got the general idea of what was going on. And it’s rough, very rough. But I went to a rough high school and people did all the hard drugs and threw massive parties with a lot of the same sh-t going on. It’s kind of 90s, from my uneducated perspective. Now that the algorithm knows what I’m watching, it sent me this. Enjoy it with me.  


The only POCs I be seeing in the mess is Rue and Maddy lmao #fyp

♬ Formula - Labrinth

Another day in the life of Martha Stewart. What is a horse stable kitchen? Is that where food for the horses is made? Or is it for the people who tend to the horses? And is there a sink? I can’t imagine eating in the same places horses sh-t, even if it’s a $20,000 stove.  


Here’s the latest Fox News update: per Entertainment Weekly, Julia is being considered to play Debi Mazar in the Madonna biopic, like I predicted last week. I can’t even take credit because it’s so obvious.  


We Don’t Talk About Bruno is that bitch and has surpassed Let It Go as the most charted Disney song in 26 years (source). And the thing is, it’s genuinely an amazing song! It was composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who (like Gal Gadot, Chris Pratt and Jeremy Renner) gets a very different reaction in real life versus Twitter. In a corner of Twitter, he’s considered corny. But Encanto has charmed everyone, I haven’t heard one bad word about it. Is backlash inevitable?

I dread but also look forward to a new And Just Like That…. I feel physically embarrassed watching it because it’s so weird and bad, but I look forward to the tweets. Che Diaz is going down in history.