This is how the Hadid-Foster-Jenner family tree shakes out. And really you could add more Jenners onto this.


National sibling day is pretty chill when your dad has been married 4 times.

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I hate this question, but I’m not surprised Jemima answered “Carrie.” I think some people would expect her to say Samantha. I actually would consider her a Miranda, the realist.


Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda? #WWHL #GIRLS #SATC

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But why did her glasses fly off that way? Wouldn’t they have been pushed into her face, hurting the bridge of her nose? This was probably mortifying for the interviewer, but at least Nicole Richie has a good sense of humour about it. Imagine if this happened to Tom Hardy.

Scooter records video of Justin playing soccer like he’s his 6-year-old son. He probably packs a cooler with orange slices and juice boxes for after the match.


Jb with that #swerve ⚽️ @justinbieber

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Today is International Louie Louie Day. I swear to you, I found it on Wiki.


somebodys thinking of this shit. but WHO??

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Mark Hamill wants to let his Star Wars children know that Daisy Ridley is his favourite.

Gotta love a classic mom joke.