This looks like a parody of a Coachella photo, but then I remembered how many assholes sincerely dress like this.


MY GROUP. ❤️😚 #coachella

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Do the children of celebs have a higher tolerance for going places with their parents? Ava was at Coachella, and so was her mom Reese. And Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber were there with Kaia and Presley. Can you imagine going to a music festival with your parents?


Coachella took it out of them.

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OK a Coachella palate cleanser. I would like to hear Rainn explain Molly and EDM to Nick Offerman.


Lunch with my brother from another mother- @NickOfferman. #BreakTheInternet

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Ty Burrell looks really different with glasses and a beard. Like hot different? Whoa.

She went from a husband who wouldn’t stand next to her walking down a street to a boyfriend who is publicly supportive and cooking his way through her new book. Definite upgrade.

I’m assuming these are both Rebel’s sisters, because the resemblance is strong. And I would be curious to hear Duana’s thoughts on Sovereign.


Introducing my new born niece Sovereign x such a cutie already!!

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