Brooklyn Decker posted a selife last night, and some people pointed out that she looked like Kevin Bacon. They are not wrong.


New development: We're f*cking twins.

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The Stallone girls keep trying to happen. Am I the only one thinking, “who cares”? I may be getting “famous sisters” ennui. We have so many sets already.

What is it about expensive bottles of booze that causes people throw their hands in the air like they just don’t care? No one can resist that particular type of douchiness – not even KStew.


Hol up lil bitch #trowbak

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I had no idea Elle King is Rob Schneider’s daughter. They actually look a lot alike.


When you find the shirt of your soul @relicvintage

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Tyra and Amber Valletta are neighbours – get her on America’s Next Top Model.

Bill Nye is solid, too.

The judgy moms and anonymous trolls are after Irina Shayk for posting this photo.


Pre-sunset 🌅😍 #currentsituation

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Did you read the goop article on “earthing”? Basically it’s the practice of walking outside barefoot, which proponents say can help treat arthritis, insomnia and depression. Feet are really in right now.

First day of school! Oprah starts her new job at 60 Minutes.