Pamela Anderson is bringing CJ back for the Baywatch movie. The Rock’s hashtags kill me. I looked up smokestack on the Urban Dictionary (because I’ve never heard anyone use it in this context, in conversation or in writing) and it said, “very hot woman who sparks instant arousal upon viewing.” Do people besides The Rock use this phrase?

Leo is back at the UN and his suit pants look weird. But his face side profile is not bad considering the de-bloat time needed after Coachella.

The NYT did a story on Brett Ratner’s Instagram feed – it is very mentor-related.


No time better spent then picking the brain of a #Legend #KirkDouglas Only 99 years young!

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Cher and Susan Sarandon are not taking the feud bait. Susan needs a rest from social media fighting.

If you’ve ever wanted Adrian Grenier on top of you, today is your day. I won’t judge. (Yes I will).


Let's #earthday it up, together.

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Lena and Jack are 4 years in.


4 years today. Thank you @jackantonoff- you down for 4 more? ❤️

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Do you think Live! will film Kelly and Michael saying goodbye separately and then splice it together like The Good Wife? What f-ckery.

We remember the music, of course. But it was the extra. The everything. “Prettier than Beyoncé, cockier than Kanye, balled like MJ…”


AND #POW #RIPPrince #Repost @susiesnohomemaker ........I couldn't have said it better myself.

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