Anna Kendrick writes her first book – is this part of a larger branding push? Is a celebrity book every really just a book?

I don’t know why the Beyhive is going after Rita Ora. Her hair isn’t that good.


Back at the ranch.

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Demi looking fresh and healthy. I’d be a little nervous to have Naomi hug me from behind like that.


About last night...

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Uma in the kitchen with Zac Posen (who I believe is writing a cookbook).


Sunday Cooking with #Uma ⭐️💙 #cookingwithzac

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Zayn didn’t explicitly wish Gigi a happy birthday on social media – he posted this instead. For a 20-something famous person, it takes a lot of discipline not to give it all away.


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Channing Tatum goes camping, which might be porn to some of you.


My country boy 🙌🏻

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Teenage love by selfie light.


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