What would happen when it gets wet?

That food is really close to the ground. I hate eating on the grass because in busy city parks you can guarantee that every square inch has been peed on.


🍣🍣 in the park

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There’s this app that creates different versions of your face. Allison Williams thinks her version of a guy looks like Channing Tatum. I think she looks like a generic dude on The Bachelorette.

OF COURSE this is Barbra Streisand’s birthday cake. It’s not like she’s eating a sheet of strawberry shortcake from the grocery store.


A beautiful birthday cake. Thanks for all the birthday love. B.

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Elizabeth Olsen gifted Jeremy Renner with a drawing of his daughter. That’s quite personal.

This is The Honest Company’s new office – it’s exactly on brand for her: stylish, modern, warm. It’s quite staged though, almost too much. And why would an office have a tub? Just to display bubble bath?

“Get a Ruth Bader Ginsburg pillow for your office.”

Reese Witherspoon was a vocal advocate of #askhermore. Blake Lively got indignant on the red carpet in that same spirit – the idea that women are more than their clothes. So I guess we aren’t supposed to be paying attention, but I noticed that Reese’s dress and Blake’s jumpsuit, both by Brandon Maxwell, are in the same style family. They both looked good. We aren’t supposed to talk about that. But where does that leave Brandon’s artistry and hard work – should that go unnoticed? Blake and Reese both tagged him in the photos from their respective events, so they do want to acknowledge him… on their terms. And that’s the key with celebrities – it ALWAYS has to be on their terms.