This quiz was very hard but satisfying. I got the same score as Walt, which makes me feel a little better about barely passing.


Rashida Jones is going to be on black-ish, playing Bow’s sister. Could it be more perfect?

Of course Amy had to bring up the Time 100 Gala with a comment that’s supposed to be self-deprecating. This is Amy always trying to set herself up on the outside, as anti-establishment, as the person who is invited to the party but doesn’t belong. But the joke doesn’t work when you are invited every single party.


Little confused why I haven't been invited back to #time100gala

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Madonna is not interested in anyone else’s version of her blond ambition.

Honestly Spencer Pratt is an A+ tweeter and no one cares, and he knows no one cares, which makes the tweets even funnier.

Demi Lovato got a new tattoo – Cara Delevingne and Justin Bieber both have lions. Justin is 23 and Demi and Cara are 24 – I think that has a lot more to do with why the tattoos are similar than the idea that she copied anyone.


@ddlovato sometimes the canvas makes the art ;) Thank you for your trust

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Emile Hirsch on March 18, Emile Hirsch on April 18.