Sarah once wrote about the joy of Val Kilmer’s Twitter feed. And his reddit AMA is a goddamn delight. He talks about Top Gun 2, Cindy Crawford’s caviar pasta, filming The Island of Doctor Moreau, and writes a glowing tribute to Kurt Russell. A standout bit for me was this: when asked about his reputation as a difficult actor, he said he wasn’t willing to play the game. “When you think of Sean Penn or Tom Hanks or Johnny Depp, you think immediately of the same character and image I do. Tom Hanks usually has an American flag behind his head for example. Johnny has a hat.” An American flag behind his head!

Some celebrities vehemently oppose having their children photographed by paparazzi. Others post the shots on Instagram.


Josey's like "WTF you want bro?!" 😂

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I really like this look on Lea Michele. A nice break from the typical tulle/sequin/ruffle gown, right?


About last night// @armani NYC

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Amy Sedaris and Sarah Jessica Parker love each other.


A dream come true @divorceonhbo On set with @sarahjessicaparker

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Salma Hayek posted a photo to celebrate her anniversary – 11 years together, 8 married. And it’s been about that long since the child support drama with Linda Evangelista, which I still get smutty tingles about. He came off looking like a giant ass.

Alkaline water is very in right now.

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s baking company Foodstirs has evolved: less Mommy, more disruptor. It’s a very smart strategy for expansion and branding.